Meditation Music

Meditation Techniques – Music As a musician, I am really keen on the idea of using music to meditate. This really helps me during stressful times in my life. Or when I’m feeling down. Over the years, I’ve found some great channels on YouTube that allows me to do this. Sometimes writing is my meditation. I…

Music: positive vibes & relaxation

This is a repost. It’s a chilly and dreary day here in Edmonton. It feels like winter = but I don’t even want to think about what’s coming soon. So, here’s something to help clear your mind and boost yourself up with positive energy. These long playing tracks on YouTube are great for relaxation. There…

Meditation: What is ASMR?

Ever wondered what ASMR means? Have you wanted to try it yourself? Check out this article for my top 3 ASMR channels on YouTube. #asmr

Health: self care tips for chronic joint pain

In follow up to my whine/rant this morning about the cold weather and joint pain, I decided to come back and add another post about self-care for those like me, who do suffer from the joys of chronic joint pain. For me the pain comes and goes. It isn’t constant which I am grateful for….