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September Update

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I have a new group on Facebook dedicated to concert experiences. I’ll be posting about some of the shows I went to this summer – including seeing Honeymoon Suite – I got to meet the band and act like a total fan girl. So, head on over to Facebook and join the group! Upcoming shows:

  • Rosanne Cash, September 25, Edmonton
  • Paper Kites, October 19, Edmonton with the Tall Heights


Check them out on: Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and coming soon – YouTube.

Make sure to head over to Spotify and follow me for playlists – for every mood. @wendyjensenmusic

Upcoming Projects & Future Releases

Danish Hymns & Folk Tunes
A collection of Danish hymns and folk melodies. I’ve been performing these melodies for 15 years at the church here in Edmonton. This album will be dedicated to my father.

Favorite Hymns

A collection of favorite hymns and gospel tunes that we sing at the church (by request). Some of my favorites include Morning Has Broken, Amazing Grace and Day by Day.

brown book page
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The Canticles

A collection of original arrangements made from readings from the Gospel and Canticles. This is something I started working on years ago but quit doing because I didn’t have the right equipment to do so.

Celtic Traditions

A collection of Irish-Celtic melodies. I’m part Irish and this is something I’ve wanted to do for years. This album is for my mum who loved to croon to Irish pub songs like Danny Boy.

celtic tradtions 2.jpg

Jazz Standards

A collection of covers and original arrangements of popular jazz songs like Gershwin, Porter, and some big names like Billie Holiday, Diana Krall, Frank Sinatra and even Norah Jones.

Cover Tunes

Now that I am releasing music on Spotify via Distrokid, I will be publishing more cover songs. Legally. Here is one of my favorite songs – Be Still, The Fray.

Original Projects

The inspiration for original music comes and goes. I find that every few months my songs start sounding the same. I think once I get the new studio set up, I’ll have more flexibility and freedom to work on different types of music. My passion is the piano. I really wish I could have learned the guitar. I’ll be creating a mix of piano instrumentals and ambient scores suitable for film and television licensing.

Make sure to head on over to youtube to check out my latest videos.

DIY Musician Articles and Pro Tips

As time allows, I really hope to write some articles about how to be a self-published artist. I have a lot of knowledge stuck in my head. And I figure, someone out there should benefit from it.

Music has been a part of my life for nearly FORTY years. And even though I’m retired from the stage – I can’t wait to share some of my new creations with you.

Stay tuned. It’s going to take some time to build up some content. This may not happen until the spring when I move into my new condo which is a concrete building. Part of the reason I stopped recording here was due to very thin walls and noisy ambiance.


Now that I’m back into music, I’m really hoping to connect with other talented and like-minded artists that have strong morals when it comes to music. I tend to work better with “old school” musicians – as I’m very old school. I would love to connect with film producers, directors, writers and youtubers and be creative geniuses together.

I’m always looking for quality videos to go with my music. I also use Cubase PRO and can record or custom my songs for commercial use. I am registered with SOCAN (Canada) and the US counterpart – BMI.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch. I try to respond to emails within 48 hours.