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Welcome & background information

Some of you may know me as Jen. I had originally started this blog to help track my fitness and weight loss plan. But I felt that I had too many interests to just stick to that. And even though people love receiving fitness advice – it’s not something I’m passionate about.

What am I passionate about, you ask? Music! Music is my life. I’ve been a musician for 40 years. I’m mostly retired from stage performance with exception of Sunday mornings at our family’s Danish church in Edmonton.

I work full time and it’s difficult to keep up with work, life, and the many hobbies I have. Music is also expensive and takes up a lot of time and energy. Sometimes it can be discouraging when you have very little following – especially on YouTube.

But I love to blog. And I love to write. And it seems like people like to see what I write about. So – to keep true to my original blog – I will on occasion write inspirational posts, and things I learn at work when time permits. But for the most part – I’ll be talking about my experiences in the music industry. The good, the bad, and the really emotional. Like playing at my mother’s funeral and my auntie’s funeral.

As promised – this website will remain ad free. I myself, hate ads with a passion when I click on blogs to read. Usually, I’m in a hurry and want the information quick. Having to exit out of ads is just one extra click. Time is everything these days, right? It’s precious. And so – there will be no ads on this site.

But … I’ve put thousands of dollars into my music career with very little return given the specific niche I’m in. This is where you come into play.

If you enjoy my blog, I’m asking for small donations to help with the cost of keeping it running. I could also use some help with studio equipment and software upgrades. Music is not cheap.

  • WordPress fees: $120-300 annually
  • Domain registration: $25 annually
  • Anti virus programs & other annual fees: $200
  • Publishing fees for music: $4-25 each release
  • Software upgrades: $200-500 each
  • VST instruments: $100 – 1500
  • Pianos: a lot of money

If you can’t donate money – then please share my music with your friends and family.

I’ve made a promise to myself that if this blog reaches 5000 followers – I will bite the bullet and pay for the business membership for all the bells and whistles. But I need your help to get there.

Other ways you can help keep the site running include:

Buy me coffee! Feed my addiction please.

Buy me a cup of coffee – just scroll down to the bottom of this page and search for the coffee cup. Every dollar donated helps.

Amazon Wish / Gift List

Head over to Amazon (coming soon) and gift me something on my wish list – all geared towards music and keeping this blog going.

Equipment Donations

If you’re with a big company like Sony, MAdudio or Roland – I’m a fan. Hit me up if you would like me to do a review.Thank You

And if you can’t offer financial support – then please note – just by subbing and reading my posts really means a lot as a writer. Please leave comments and feel free to engage. I’ll do better at reading other blogs and commenting too.